Senior Software Developer


In that position successful candidate will work in international team to deliver highly optimized Android Runtime for the next generation Company flagship mobile devices.


C(C++) and Java practical programming experience at least 7 years in total (excluding university or similar academic experience);
Deep understanding in method and principles of SW optimizations (Algorithm and data structure complexity theory, practical knowledge in SW profiling and bottleneck detection, etc.);
Android architecture knowledge;
Proven expert knowledge at least in one of the following areas: Java VM, Dalvik VM, Memory management and Garbage collection, ARM/NEON(x86/SSE/AVX), LLVM, compiler construction;
English: intermediate+.

Following experience will be a plus for successful candidate:

Active contribution for projects: WebKit, V8, gcc, Clang/LLVM, Android, Mono
Papers, publications, conference participation (as speaker) etc for areas: Android programming (system level), SW optimizations, LLVM, Java etc
Deep understanding of main SW optimization principles for ARM/AArch64 platform
Good understanding of modern mobile technologies and mobile market trends
Strong team player
Creativeness and open mind

Условия работы: 

Competitive salary;
Comfortable office class A;
Full compliance with the Labour Code;
Flexible work schedule;
Corporate lunches (card for 5000 Rub/Month);
Medical insurance;
English courses (online and on-site);
Company pays relocation and interview expenses;
Possibility for career growth (the company is actively expanding);
Good opportunity to improve technical knowledge (you can participate in conferences and present your research, there is a vast library of books and magazines, possibility of self-education).

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