Старший исследователь или учёный исследователь (R&D experience in Linux/OS/Virtualization)


• Research in Operating systems and virtualization area, including but not limited to network optimization and I/O optimization in Linux and virtual environment, virtual machine monitor (VMM) optimization and architecture research.
• System or architecture design and prototype development in one of above-mentioned areas and providing competitive solution to the product lines, guiding engineers and researchers in technical direction.
• Researching, cooperating with industry to ensure Company at the leading developments in this area. This contact work is possible through workshops, face to face meeting and online collaboration.
• Identifying and breaking out new key technologies through research and/or prototyping, and making technical proposals for future product development.


• 5+ years R&D experience in Linux/OS/Virtualization and related areas
• Graduate of department of computer science or applied mathematics is preferable
• Graduate of department of microelectronics and computer architecture is preferable
• Thorough understanding of Operating systems internals and design (Linux, BSD Unix, Minix, etc)
• Thorough understanding of virtual machine monitor (VMM) internals and design (KVM, QEMU, L4KO, Xen)
• Thorough understanding of x86 architecture
• Thorough understanding of Intel-VT and/or AMD-V technologies, including I/O virtualization
• Experience with ARM architecture will be highly preferable
• Experience in device driver development and kernel code modifications for Linux
• Strong knowledge of networking protocols
• Rich experience of SW/HW prototypes development is a big plus
• OpenStack and OpenFLow application and development experience
• Verbal and written communication skills in English
• Interpersonal skills as well as being a team player

Условия работы: 

Высокая заработная плата
Социальный пакет
Регулярное обучение и участие в международных конференциях